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Wagner Barja

The systematic repetition of square and rectangle seems to match the extreme discipline Sonnia, however rigorously dissolves to disclose a sensitive building, which evokes a home for the forms, which as containers, receive and accommodate chromatic, layers, organizing a rhythmic sequence, ordering the body composition.

Luis Turiba

The painting, the paintings and the aesthetic proposal artist Sonnia War (not necessarily in that order) bring the DNA of the radicalism that characterized the artists who do not give up their languages ​​and proposals.

Héris Victória Guimarães

Tables of Sonnia War are evocative combinations of shape and color susceptible to suggest or create environment or atmosphere that the sensitive observer can see how an expressive image.

Vera Pugliese

Forms floated in diaphanous limits of the fund now faint now intensely bright .

Flavita Obino Boeckel

De seu descompromisso com uma temática específica emerge a fusão do abstrato com o figurativo, tornando perceptíveis a unidade e ordenação plástica que, com personalidade, desnudam a carga expressiva disseminada no conjunto de suas telas

Sonnia Guerra

Carioca and resident in Brasilia, Sonnia War is a plastic artist and restorer, as well as photographs.
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What interests Sonnia is not only the formal delight, one can, from these images, to realize an experience that transcends the formalism and opens the possibility of passing to a subjective place where transits the essence of art.
Wagner Barja

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