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Alberto Cardoso

Sonnia Guerra has the authenticity like one of the lines more remarkable of her personality. For this reason, she passed by several styles a long of the time, always in search of that would satisfy her way in each epoch. After her graduation at UFRJ and influenced by Brazilian Society of Visual Arts of Rio de Janeiro, she was an academic figurative and them, impressionist. She passed through the post- impressionism and was surrealist hipper-realist. Although her good quality, it was noted in Sonnia certain uncomfortableness when she needed to detach some figures. The works didn’t adjust to her personality, which asked long and large strokes, more suggesting than properly showing, more to be catch the meaning than only to be seen.
Wherefrom, the abstractionism had been a natural ditch of her work inductor of feelings to the observer’s liking. It would come to attend three manifestation of freedom, which Sonnia thus appreciates: absence of rules to the creation, dream in the use of colors and free flight of observers’ imagination. The geometric abstracts were the front door. But again the personality asked too much that she created different and free abstractions, without compromise with linear rigors. Canvas suggesting foggy cities, for example, can be her escape from the abstractionism to the contemporary figurative. Or to eclecticism that she is calling “Urban Abstractionism”.

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