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About Sonnia Guerra

Sonnia Guerra born in Rio de Janeiro, lives in Brasilia. Graduated in Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro Federal University , 1981 (Painting and Restoration). Worked at the State of Bahia Restoration Center  in a UNESCO program, 1979. Specialization in photography.

The structure of her paintings, turns colors and forms into irresistible baits to the eyes. Another interesting characteristic is the whole of her work, which gives movement to the space.

The homogeneous layers of acrylic paint create a series of soft transparent tissues that provoke the spectator in the search of his individual, personal and unique chromatic experience.

They denote, as well, a kind of intention to jump off the limits of the canvas and get into our own space.
The artist uses this language as a possible way to show us her emotional and spiritual researches. Nevertheless one can find a clear trace of subjective transcendence as a final message of her work attained.